The CliffsNotes of FI

There are a lot of blog posts out there with all the detail you would ever need to understand the concepts and the math of Financial Independence (FI). This post is designed to provide a quick, easy read to summarize the concepts in play. Again, this is our interpretation and not meant as the end-all-be-all on FI-xpertisness.   First of all, if you don’t know what CliffsNotes are, you’re definitely a lot younger than the OGs. Definition of FI 1)         Figure out what your income/annual spend will be in retirement. A lot of the minimalists or frugal types already early retired are generally in the $30-$40k/year range. OG2 is using $100k annually. Right now this is just a nice round number for me. It will become more clear as I research actual costs of where OG2’s family is going move after retirement. Additionally, we are doing some cost logging this…

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The Why of FI Old Guys

Old Guy 2: It’s the first of the year and as with many things, we also fall into the trap of kicking things off on this arbitrary date. We’re (nearly) old and ready to lay down tracks to retirement, sip drinks with umbrellas and enjoy all the possibilities that time and money provide. What could possibly go wrong? This initial post covers the inevitable question of WHY do this blog. Old Guy #1 and #2 (going forward referred to as OG1 & OG2) have been friends and colleagues for a decade. We’ve worked on the same projects at our job from time to time, share a couple of out of work hobbies and have learned that our lives have a lot of similarities with wives and kids. Many of these commonalities will lead to future blog posts as a shared passion, humor or frustrations in life. In 2017, OG1 and…

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