J is for Jobs

Inspiration for this post came from J. Money’s list of jobs on his blog at Budgets Are Sexy. You can read all about it here. With his permission, we’ve done the same. Simply listing the jobs we have had during our not so illustrious careers. I will say, I think OG1 is selling his experience a bit short. His stint in the Merchant Marines sent him all over the world, setting foot in every continent except South America and Antarctica. He has some crazy stories that always captivate in whatever social scene he's part of. OG2: Here’s my list of jobs Paper route (12-13 yo, no idea what I made. It was a unique route through a series of 3 story apartment complexes. I would simply through the paper up to the 2nd or 3rd floors) Little Caesars Pizza (14yo, $3.35/hr – child labor laws restricted when I could work…

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