The Women of OG (Part 1)

It's been several months since the last post. What can we say... we've been busy. The good news is that the busyness has provided inspiration for new content. This one, however, comes from the stack of drafts. A few months back I was listening to The What’s Up Next Podcast with a panel of all women to discuss if there were differences in the FI experience between genders. One of the panelists made a statement about inserting herself into situations, groups, discussions etc., to put herself out there and to have a voice in areas dominated in population by men. I can’t recall exactly how she phrased it, but she inspired the OG’s to write a post about their wives. Her voice shone a light on the importance of including their stories, as they are now woven into our own. Although neither take an interest in this blog, they both…

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