My 16 year old won’t say I Love You

OG2: Warning… this is extremely personal. It definitely puts an exclamation point on personal finance being personal. I write this as I’m traveling out of town for the day so that my youngest can play in a golf tournament. Just so happens to be in an area of a favorite local brewery. It’s a challenge to type this and suppress my tears from the public eye. Back in our first post, The Why of FI Old Guys, I referenced that OG and I independently arrived at the same decision that we needed to retire as soon as possible in January 2018. What I didn’t elaborate upon was the details behind that realization. My 16 year old son will never say I Love You. My oldest son is severely disabled. We have no diagnosis, no name, no crowd of like minded folks to rally with. He’s simply, globally physically and mentally…

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Taking Walks at Fincon19

OG1: OG2 found out that FinCon19 was going to be within driving distance and took the liberty of signing us up.  During one of our walks at work he let me know and I pretty much left it at was almost a full year away and my planning horizon for activities is rarely more than a few weeks out. The week finally came and went, and now I sit here trying to wrap my head around why I not only felt it was worth attending, but feel that there is something about THIS group of people that I badly want more exposure to. To be sure, there is plenty of the finance stuff to be found and it really is the pivot point that brings everyone to FinCon. Go for the finance stuff, but be prepared for the people.   I left FinCon with a real sense that the average…

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