FI to Fat (to Fit)

OG2:  In the previous posts, The Why of FI Old Guys and My 16 Year Old Won’t Say I Love You, I articulated financial motivators for my FI path. I highlighted changes we’ve made and refer to the boring ‘machine’ that’s now in place that governs our financial future.Despite all of these small and big wins, I’ve failed one major area. My health. While I’ve optimized my finances, I’ve degraded my health to an alarming degree over the past year and a half. My weight is such that I now need to lop off a small person. Thus, this post will kick off a series of monthly posts on my journey to lose 100lbs. My weight has always fluctuated like our finances. I was 230 when I got married, then dropped into the 180s for almost 5 years. When my wife was pregnant with Peyton, I put all of that back on. We…

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National OG2oon’s European Vacation

We’ve infrequently used accumulated miles and points over the years, but those were mainly acquired through my Mrs. OG2’s work travel and targeted to big trips. The greatest example of such a trip were first class flights from the east coast to Hawaii for my youngest and me seven years ago. We were tagging along with my wife on an associated business trip. Thus, her flight and the hotel were covered. We still ended up spending a ton of money on food and the helicopter volcano tour. We didn’t discover credit card churning until late last year, along with the concept of Financial Independence (FI). Couple that new avenue along with the fact that our youngest also had never been to Europe and I had only been once a decade ago, we started planning. Spring Break First up was creating the plan, purchasing the flights and hotels. We focused on…

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Being an AirBnB Host

                   The property isn’t an investment, it’s our home OG2: My wife and I have just passed the 1 year mark of being an AirBnB host. As with most ventures, it’s had its ups and downs, but on the whole has been a positive for us. Our Place You can see our place here. It’s a small oceanfront family home built in 1979 in Nags Head, NC. The Outer Banks or OBX. Over the past 8 years, we have been buying out other family members’ shares, with that consolidation concluding last September. Thus, we turned to renting the home in order to defray expenses, as we no longer had others to split the carrying costs.  It’s never been a rental and we quickly learned what we were willing to put up with, paying guests would not. We had window units for AC…

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