FI to Fat (to Fit)

OG2:  In the previous posts, The Why of FI Old Guys and My 16 Year Old Won’t Say I Love You, I articulated financial motivators for my FI path. I highlighted changes we’ve made and refer to the boring ‘machine’ that’s now in place that governs our financial future.Despite all of these small and big wins, I’ve failed one major area. My health. While I’ve optimized my finances, I’ve degraded my health to an alarming degree over the past year and a half. My weight is such that I now need to lop off a small person. Thus, this post will kick off a series of monthly posts on my journey to lose 100lbs. My weight has always fluctuated like our finances. I was 230 when I got married, then dropped into the 180s for almost 5 years. When my wife was pregnant with Peyton, I put all of that back on. We…

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