Hot Dog Theory

Unheeded AdviceOG2: My Father in Law was a great guy. There were many lessons he shared that are just now clicking with us. He shared with my wife and I the whole low cost index Vanguard fund thing back in the late 90s. Boy, we sure did whiff on that one. I suppose we simply weren’t ready to hear it. Maybe if he had whipped out the compounding interest chart, it may have clicked. Or maybe not. Nonetheless, he understood and followed this simple path to wealth for himself. He also always preached about reliable Hondas and hanging on to them forever. We actually adhered to this notion.  He worked extremely hard in his career and compiled a comfortable life prior to his  premature passing at the time my wife was pregnant with our second child. He wasn’t one for handouts, but was generous in the day to day things in…

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