This is a placeholder post to explain a notion that will be referred on more than one occasion. The Internet Howler Monkeys. Over the past decade or so with the explosion of social media venturing into every aspect of life, there is no shortage of online presence where the result is to just talk shit. These keyboard or internet commandos stir the pot, get nasty, contrarian for the sake of being an ass, lack any self-awareness, make no attempt to understand another’s view or otherwise are just trying to evoke a negative emotional reaction from other people. There is no aim for betterment

The FI community is not immune. It’s been our personal experience that simply raising an idea that may not be mainstream FI brings down the thunder from the trees. Own a truck? Financial and Environmental DAMNATION follows! 60 years old and your house isn’t paid off? You obviously did something WRONG! Belong to a golf club? You’ll never be able to RETIRE!!! No matter the proclamation of not following any dogma, invariably folks get entrenched in their own space and unleash their own visceral reactions when that space is challenged.

Have no fear, the OGs are well versed combating primitive giga-primates!

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