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There are but a handful of things you use every single day. With those items, we all probably develop preferences. For me, I’m particular about pump hand soap.


Smell is one primary factor. Hospital soap smell is definitely out. In my visits or extended stays with family and the constant washing of hands, I have a visceral reaction to that particular smell. In general, I don’t like it  to be too aromatic. Nothing can ruin a good greasy bacon cheeseburger than inhaling the infused smell of Night Forest Rain Storm.


Also, I don’t want to be at the sink for a half hour trying to rinse off the residue of a particularly clingy soap. For some reason, I find the gel type of pump hand soap to take forever to rinse off. Since its creation of late, I love foamy soap. It’s just the right amount and rinses off with speed and ease. My only precaution has to do with the aforementioned ones that were too powerful for my old factory sense.

As the OG2 family started their deep dive into cost cutting and cost analysis, everything came under scrutiny. Services were cut, purchasing behavior changed and more elbow grease was put to work. Each dollar that was going out was looked at through a lens of if we could do it more frugally.

When it came time to restock on my preferred foamy soap for the litany of sinks in the house, I did a simple search on the web to find a cheap source. This is when I stumbled on to the simple formula for ‘mixing’ it yourself. I say mixing as opposed to ‘making’, because I’m not really starting from scratch.

All you need is Liquid Soap, Glycerin and essential oils if you choose. Fortunately for me, Mrs. OG2 has ample stash of essential oils for her witchcraftery. Within a few days I had the two items required delivered from Amazon. I took the empty foamy soap bottles, added water, a little of this and a little of that, gave the bottle a shake and POOF, I have foamy soap for pennies. Add to that, with the essential oils, you can have any aroma you want, at any strength you want. I’m sure I could to the mathematical projection, but I’ll generalize and state, with the one purchase I’ll have all the supplies I need for foamy soap to last for many years. Maybe until I retire.


Over time the savings won’t be eye popping. But, I have accomplished a few things with this win: 1) Made an item we use every day, but much more frugally than retail, 2) The ingredients are more human friendly 3) It’s incredibly simply and fast to mix and 4) This is the best one – since I do use it every day, I get a little FI rush every single time I use it.

What are some of your favorite ‘small’ FI wins that you use frequently?


Formula (for any size foamy soap dispenser):

⅘ Water

⅕ Soap

1 Squirt of Glycerin

A few drops of essential oils to your liking


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  1. I also “make” this foamy type of soap! But I’ve never added glycerine, and I just buy the Dr. Bronner’s with the fragrance already.

    However, adding more essential oils would make it smell nicer (there’s hardly any smell from the Dr. Bronner’s once it’s diluted enough to foam nicely).

    I’ll also give the glycerine a try! Maybe that’ll keep the pump from sticking? (It looks like you use the Method pump bottle—me too!)

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